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sailor: kanye ❊ colony (through the wire.) (Default)
  • through the wire.
Comment: i turned tragedy to triumph, make music that's fire, spit my soul through the wire.
Description: kanye ❊ colony
sailor: iasip ❊ mac + charlie ❊ sailor (art: bridgioto) (the boys are back in town.)
  • the boys are back in town.
Comment: the drink will flow and the blood will spill!
Description: iasip ❊ mac + charlie ❊ sailor (art: bridgioto)
sailor: la furia roja ❊ seriker ❊ sailor (animal mask.)
  • animal mask.
Comment: some things you will remember, some things stay sweet forever.
Description: la furia roja ❊ seriker ❊ sailor
sailor: real madrid ❊ iker ❊ criselo.tumblr.com (one last ride.)
  • one last ride.
Comment: sir, you were born to lead.
Description: real madrid ❊ iker ❊ criselo.tumblr.com
sailor: real madrid ❊ crismes ❊ criselo.tumblr.com (cut it off.)
  • cut it off.
Comment: my head is young, my heart can't think.
Description: real madrid ❊ crismes ❊ criselo.tumblr.com
sailor: real madrid ❊ chicharito ❊ criselo.tumblr.com (all i do is win.)
  • all i do is win.
Comment: everybody's hands go up, and they stay there.
Description: real madrid ❊ chicharito ❊ criselo.tumblr.com
sailor: real madrid ❊ marcelo ❊ criselo.tumblr.com (la mano arriba.)
  • la mano arriba.
Comment: que tú sabes de eso, la disco está en fuego!
Description: real madrid ❊ marcelo ❊ criselo.tumblr.com
sailor: real madrid ❊ iker ❊ potatonis.tumblr.com (east.)
  • east.
Comment: the years wore on and changed my heart, the leading role for a smaller part.
Description: real madrid ❊ iker ❊ potatonis.tumblr.com
sailor: real madrid ❊ sergio ❊ potatonis.tumblr.com (west.)
  • west.
Comment: time moves slow when half of your heart has yet to come home.
Description: real madrid ❊ sergio ❊ potatonis.tumblr.com
sailor: real madrid ❊ toni ❊ criselo.tumblr.com (going to bristol.)
  • going to bristol.
Comment: i liked everything i saw, from the fragile outline of your hips to the trembling movements in your jaw.
Description: real madrid ❊ toni ❊ criselo.tumblr.com
sailor: real madrid ❊ gaz ❊ jeserodrigue-z.tumblr.com (maps.)
  • maps.
Comment: there is a map in my room, on the wall of my room, and i've got big, big plans.
Description: real madrid ❊ gaz ❊ jeserodrigue-z.tumblr.com
sailor: real madrid ❊ dani ❊ jeserodrigue-z.tumblr.com (wait for it.)
  • wait for it.
Comment: life doesn't discriminate between the sinners and the saints; it takes, it takes and it takes.
Description: real madrid ❊ dani ❊ jeserodrigue-z.tumblr.com
sailor: real madrid ❊ sergio ❊ jeserodrigue-z.tumblr.com (my shot.)
  • my shot.
Comment: don't be shocked when your history book mentions me.
Description: real madrid ❊ sergio ❊ jeserodrigue-z.tumblr.com
sailor: real madrid ❊ crisker ❊ jeserodrigue-z.tumblr.com (history has its eyes on you.)
  • history has its eyes on you.
Comment: let me tell you what i wish i'd known when i was young and dreamed of glory.
Description: real madrid ❊ crisker ❊ jeserodrigue-z.tumblr.com
sailor: real madrid ❊ nacho ❊ jeserodrigue-z.tumblr.com (dear theodosia.)
  • dear theodosia.
Comment: if we lay a strong enough foundation, we'll pass it onto you, we'll give the world to you and you'll blow us all away.
Description: real madrid ❊ nacho ❊ jeserodrigue-z.tumblr.com