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who the fuck is you

caitlin (or cbran), 27 / f / triple aries. i live in the north bay of california, i work in private aviation, i like sleep and comics and football and my cat and robots and a lot of other things.

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this was my third year doing yuletide and MY FAVORITE SO FAR, even though various life happenings made it simultaneously the most difficult. i received two goddamn incredible gifts, got to write the fic of my heart for somebody i got to know through football this year, and read a ton of amazing fic. so on with the show!!

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this was only my second year of doing yuletide. despite lurking and reading the archives FOREVER, i knew next to nothing about yuletide culture when i jumped into it for the first time. this year i felt much more prepared with sign ups, wrote a letter, and told myself i'd write treats to pay it forward for how great my first year was.

and then life (and trying to get the hell out of this awful job, which is another story for another time, BUT i'm turning in my two weeks on friday! YOOOOOOO) happened, and time got away from me, and before i knew my elbow from my asshole, it was christmas day.

i still intend on doing some nyr treats throughout the year to pay it forward, especially because:


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i am still BLOWN AWAY by getting four lovely pieces and it made me kick myself even more for not having the time to treat like i wanted to. i feel so lucky to have had that many people write for me! if you are one of my authors and you're reading this, know that you made my yuletide super extra special :') thank you, thank you, thank you! i look forward to exacting my revenge now that i know who you all are.

in turn, i wrote this for [ profile] withthepilot:

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A FUNNY STORY ABOUT THAT. in talking with [ profile] screamlet about our assignments when they were sent out, it became clear that i was writing for one of her friends! and then i ended up being a total creep and reading a bunch of wtp's fic (my favorite being I Just Called to Say I Tolerate You, an avengers epic that i devoured) and backreading her tumblr and was like DAMN THIS GIRL IS AWESOME. which duh. [ profile] screamlet has known me since i was a dorky 17 year old roleplaying harry potter, and i've always thought she's the coolest, so naturally all of her friends are also the coolest! anyway, i decided this girl and i would become friends through yuletide if it was the last thing i did.

ORIGINALLY I HAD MUCH MORE EPIC PLANS but again, life and time, the hellacious throes of my shitty job, etc. etc. regardless, i'm happy with what i wrote and SUPER stoked wtp enjoyed it!! :')

99% of what i write is for my friends only, so yuletide is the one time a year that i interact with fandom at large, and i'm always blown away by how sweet and supportive everyone is. ideally, i'd like to do more of that in 2015!

AND NOW, under the next cut are recs i saved (and already screamed about on twitter, so probably nothing new if you have me there) for your viewing pleasure!!!

SO MANY FANDOMS. TOO MANY FANDOMS. DEAR GOD. attack the block, bob's burgers, breaking bad, broad city, brooklyn nine nine, captain america rpf, hamlet, happy endings, hawkeye, ms. marvel, misfits, orange is the new black, oryx and crake, parks and recreation, pentatonix, rat queens, true detective. )

wow i'm so super glad that ends in me reccing goddamn robot porn WELL YOU ALL KNOW ME, I AM THE GLORIOUS MESS THAT I AM

happy 2015, babes. see you on the other side of space!
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DAY SEVEN: a youtube video that you find funny


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ok that was more than a smattering

all i do with my life is watch youtube videos i'm sorry

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